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Why Metagenics?

Metagenics, literally meaning “beyond genetics”, was established in 1983 by the pioneers of the Functional Medicine movement. Their founders began with a revolutionary idea—“our genes do not pre-determine our health potential, and through nutrition, we can impact how our genes express themselves, thereby influencing our health and the quality of life we lead”. Today, this concept continues to be validated by leading scientific research.

Metagenics back their products with robust scientific evidence and clinical studies, and are committed to transparent, clean labels, and offer money back guaranteed. With the use of the purest ingredients, committed to non-GMO, gluten free, and vegetarian products – Metagenics offers only the highest quality products for Eminent Wellness’ clients. Metagenics goes above and beyond to ensure those with allergies or food sensitivities can be confident in the labels and they frequently test the products to guarantee taste and tolerance is optimal.

Metagenics products have unparalleled quality, and transparency and they are the industry leader in lifestyle functional nutrition. Believing that nutritional intervention can be a first line therapy in the prevention and management of disease, and the promotion of optimal health.


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